Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Untitled - Part 40

So far.


“Alright, I’m ready,” Jeffrey said, coming out of the bedroom.

“Finally,” said Tyler.

“Work before play, little friend,” Jeffrey said.

“You’re weird,” said Tyler.

“Yes he is,” said Linda.

“Forthwith to the Camry and the goodies therein,” said Jeffrey.

Linda punched him in the arm. “Come on, Yogi, let’s go.”


Anonymous said...

Hmm, Jeffrey and Linda seem familiar...

So Jeffrey&co go to the zoo now, Mike and Ray arrive at an empty house, Tommy calls again, they pick it up...

Anonymous said...

Having narrowly escaped the hit men, tragedy befalls the hapless family at the zoo.

An escaped tiger finds and eats them all.

The End!