Monday, November 3, 2008

Good For The Gander

We had dinner at my friend E.'s house this weekend, along with the A.s. Mr. A., who was born and raised in India, told us a story about a cobra killing a Pomeranian in his childhood neighborhood.

"You should get a mongoose," I said. "Better safe than sorry."

"Yeah, Panamanians hate geese," said E.

"What are you talking about?" asked A.

"The Panamanian who killed your snake." said E.

"Bastard," I said. "I bet it was Noriega."

"He was scared of geese."

"Because of the rabies."

"Absolutely," said E. "You have to keep geese away from dogs because of that."

"Especially Pomeranians," I added.

"That's why you need a mongoose."

A., who had been watching us, turned to our wives.

"They're idiots," said the Lovely Bride.

"Yes they are," said E.'s wife.

A.'s wife nodded her agreement.

"No we're not," I said.

"We're silly geese," said E.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Haven't we done waterfowl?

very little brains to be had.

fish said...

yeah, berds is stupud.

Snag said...

let's see fish tell that to a pelican.

fish said...

I already did...