Monday, August 29, 2016

The Sounds Of Silence

A long time ago, 6,681 days to be exact, our youngest son was born, joining his two older brothers. And what a time it's been.

We've gone to Field of Dreams

and fields where dreams became real.

We've gone on road trips and hung out in bars.

We've said goodbye to one dog and hello to another.

There's been school

and school plays.

There's been time with family

and, of course, there's been time with Grandma.

There's been playing with friends

and trick or treating with friends

and traveling with friends

and hanging out with friends.

There's been bingo. Oh yes indeed, there's been bingo.

There's been soccer

and basketball

and baseball

and baseball

and baseball 

and a championship at the end.

And now, after a long time, 6,681 days to be exact, there's college and infinity and beyond.