Thursday, September 27, 2007

Snag's List

I don't have any practical use for a personals ad, having already inflicted my Lovely Bride with a vow of lifetime misery. AG's obsession with Craig's List, however, got me thinking about what kind of ad I'd post if I was back on the market. In other words: What type ad would a Snag boy post if a Snag boy would post ads?

Hey, Hey Mama, Like the Way You Move

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If I had a nickel for every time I've been slapped, I'd buy a chunk of malachite big enough to choke a hamster. Because that's who I am. Thoughtful, yet profligate. Meaty, yet angular. An American with a Third World smile.

So who are you, m'lady? Do you love Wikipedia's chocolate mousse? Have you ever played Twister in a smock? Can you go from Superhero to Superfox in the time it takes to disrobe in a phone booth? If so, let's groove.

And groove we will. When you hang with me, you hang in style. My tikis are going 24/7. There's a hot tub full of flavored gelatin shots out back and Sade playing in quadraphonic sound. Later, we can go for a ride in my sound-proofed panel van, shoot at some road signs with my homemade paintball gun.

Picture yourself massaging my goiter. Then picture me rubbing yours. Pure pleasure, the Snag way.

I'm short, squat, and clinically depressed. You're a Brazilian wax model, Ph.D. preferred, trilingual skills essential (German, Tagalog, and Sioux). Please, no fatties, phonies, philatelists, or focus groups.

DNA samples gladly exchanged.


Anonymous said...

"choke a hamster"

Neebles resents that...

And... Twister in a smock!?!?

fish said...

your such a philatelist, um, ist.

Chuckles said...

More reasons why Snag rules the bloggiosphere.

I should write one of these.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Snag Rules, indeed. I'd answer that, if only for the Hamster-choking. Jello shots are bonus.

But he's not The New Left.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

This is why AG does not blog lust for Snag. He should take his cue from Fishstick and MenDee and act right.

Snag is banned.

Banned, banned, banned.

Brando said...

Meaty, yet angular


Kathleen said...

sadly, not as scary as some I've read.