Sunday, July 8, 2007

On The Road Again

Here I am back on the road again, which, in my glamorous circles, means lots of crappy meals at crappy restaurants, too many of which are bad chains moving in to replace the places that existed before globalization and neglect destroyed the local economies. Tonight was no exception, "meat" loaf covered with Funyuns® and ketchup.

After dinner I retired to the hotel bar with two of my traveling companions. Thankfully the management stockpiled enough bourbon to wash dinner's foulness from my mouth. Now I'm back in the room listening to streaming music on a wireless network in a shithole hotel that ten years ago would have been lucky to have cable television. Say what you like about this country, its communications technology keeps me alive.

I'll be gone a lot in the next few weeks. A bunch of miles to drive and a bunch of people listening to what I have to say. Or so I like to think. They show up at least, and that's good enough for my purposes. I tell them what I have to say, they pay attention, sort of, and at the end of the day they go away, I hope, a little wiser.

In the meantime, I'll eat a lot of lousy food and sleep in a lot of lousy hotels. I'll spend my nights drinking beer, watching movies on my laptop, wondering whether and how to change the next day's presentation. I'll miss my family, my friends. I'll even miss my stupid dog.

At least I've got a job and a place to go home to.


Anonymous said...

I see the romance of the road has faded...I've spent the better part of the last three months traveling for work and it's exhausting especially the hotels and the crappy food. Hang in there!

Anyway if you think about Spiders whats the first thing that should come to your mind?? If you answered "Plover" you are correct!!!!

Chuckles said...

I always knew you were an motivational speaker.

Brando said...

Here's to eating good in the neighborhood, Snag!

Hope the trip goes well. Also, a word of advice: always dump the drifter's body in the next county. Don't learn the hard way like I did.

Kathleen said...

"meat" loaf covered with Funyuns® and ketchup


Why not try ordering a salad? JUST KIDDING

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Lousy dog?

And you wonder why Katie hates you!!

Katie also hates drunken bloggers and spiders!

Anonymous said...

When you say "on the road", do you mean that literally??

"Katie also hates drunken bloggers and spiders!"