Monday, July 2, 2007

Woo-Hoo! USA!! USA!!

Well, it's off to a friend's summer place for the Non-Canadian North American Independence Day of English Speaking Nations. My Lovely Bride and our hellspawn will be joining me, which cuts down on my meth use. Instead I'll fill the time with fishing and fireworks, two activities that are not necessarily mutually exclusive. The kids have their Jarts game to keep them busy between trips to the emergency room and what with the bald eagle coming off the Endangered Species list, I'll be doing some small-game hunting with my homemade DDT-soaked lead shot.

It's not all fun and games, though. We'll also be taking time to reflect on what makes our nation great. Corn dogs and the invention of the Sleep Number bed would rank high on anyone's list, but my personal choice for the heart of America is the Fuel Mart in Perrysburg, Ohio. With a wide array of hanging air fresheners and books on tape, it's the perfect place to grab a slice of Americana for the road.

Happy and safe travels and may the moose be with you on this special day!


Kathleen said...

have fun! be sure to purchase the banana air fresher. it's a winner!

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't mock the wonder that is the Sleep Number Bed!!!

Enjoy your vacation.

Hmmmm, a fishing trip with Snag, where men are men and the moose are scared!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I remember when Blue Kid played Jarts as a toddler.

Good time. Good times.

Happy 4th, Snag, lovely Mrs Snag and Hellspawn!


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Jarts? We don't have that in these parts.

We did not see any Meese in the Great Canadian.

Vacation was a success.