Monday, April 9, 2007

Daddy Loves You

They guy I coach with and I took a few kids to the batting cage today. They were all hitting pretty well, although the bunting seemed to throw my youngest off a little. I expect it's because he's so used to his brothers throwing at his head that he's a little nervous about squaring away.

About halfway through, he glanced over and asked, "How come you never say 'Good job' when I get a hit?"

Next pitch he drilled one.

My friend said, "Good job, Precious! That was a very special hit."

I said, "You hit that one like a big boy, sweetheart. Daddy's very proud of you."

Someday I'm going to pay for my fun.


Anonymous said...

You are terrible, Muriel. Just terrible!

Chuckles said...

And I thought I was bad to my cousins.