Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Alaska

The Lovely Bride and I went to Alaska on our honeymoon.

On the plane ride there, some knucklehead let his pet snake out of a backpack. He found it. Then he let it out again.

The Lovely Bride hates snakes. "If I see it, I'm going to kill it," she told the flight attendant.

"That makes two of us," said the flight attendant.

In Alaska we took a guided river raft tour. There was a scheduling mix up and it was just us and two guides. The guides did most of the paddling and the cooking. After we set up our tent in the middle of a moose path, the guides did that for us too. One day we hiked to and from an observation point far above the river and then we drank wine and watched the mountain goats as the guides cooked chicken piccata.

In Fairbanks we stayed at a bed and breakfast owned by someone from our hometown. "The weather's better here," the owner told us. She was probably right.

On the way back to Anchorage we ate the worst pizza of our lives and almost ran into a moose.

In Homer we stayed in a lean to with a feather bed and watched the eagles circle overhead. We fished for halibut and salmon and caught some of each and shipped them home to eat with our friends. We bought a print and a sculpture I see every day in my living room.

In Alaska I was crazy in love. I still am.


Anonymous said...

Crazy in love? Good for you!

I went to Alaska in 2003. I rode in first class and get drunk while my other half rode in the back, where he belonged.

Homer was magnificent. My favorite was going skiing at Alyeska.

Jennifer said...

Snakes on a Plane!!!

Very lovely post, Snag. I'm kind of surprised you didn't have Moose Piccata.

Brando said...

Bonus: now you're completely qualified to be vice president!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...


He knows something.

Anonymous said...

was the sculpture and/or the painting also a moose one?

i'm sure there's room for snag in the next VP race.

Anonymous said...

Møøse/Snag 2016?

Major platform: to take a hard line against further border incursions by the Canadian Curling Assocation.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Henry "Cupcake" Rollins and Snag!!

Can't you see the debates?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Other platform items:

Lowering the drinking age to Fetus. A sop to the pro-lifers.

Adding Bacon to the top of the Federal Food Pyramid.

Presidential and Vice Presidential offspring now REQUIRED to serve in the military.

Strategic Missiles now replaced with the trebuchet used in 'Northern Exposure'. Launching, of course, moose, cows, and small cars.

Strategic Oil reserve diverted to National Tiki torches.

Washington Monument painted with stripes.

Obscure midwestern Architect elevated to Government Architect (a special interest move, true, but an essential one).

Serving bourbon at State breakfasts.

Anonymous said...

BP, the fetus cannot be viable. It only encourages them.

ms said...

Crazy in love. Brought a tear to the eye. What's your trick?