Sunday, July 27, 2008

Driving In Cars


Anonymous said...

I love the Deano!

"23 Minutes in Brussels"- awesome.

Anonymous said...

So do you hate "Don't Worry Baby" again? Or did AG blow up your post? AG hates the Beach Boys. H.A.T.E

Anonymous said...

Pinko, I kindly request that you cease to going about speaking about me like such and stating things like "AG likes this..." or "AG did this..." I am not going around doing that to you, you are often incorrect or strenching truths and most importantly, I can speak for myself.

Also, to make the suggestion that I blew something up is unecessary. I have no ability to effect other people's post in the way you appear to be suggesting other than BP, Res and Midniter. To my knowledge said parties have never accused me or said anything about me "blowing up a post."

The only thing I hate, though hate is not the exact word in this particular context I chose to use, it is what a certain Beach Boys song reminds me of. Again, it's not hate as much as it is...

Oh nevermind.

AG is saving the pretty for things that matter.