Thursday, April 3, 2008

First Kiss

I was reminded by Blue Girl's story.

Friday night and I waited to meet a friend for dinner. It was early and the bar was quiet.

Across the room a man and woman shared a table. Coworkers maybe, out at the end of a work week, young, not long out of school. Comfortable with each other, friends. I watched them while I read my book. She told a joke, he laughed. Their drinks came and he raised his and smiled.

My friend was late and I kept watching. Not staring, just watching. They were still laughing, more quietly now. Their right hands on the table, not touching, but close. He leaned in to tell her something. She leaned in to hear. There was a pause, almost unnoticeable. She kissed him.

Quickly, softly, just a brush of the lips. They froze for a moment as the air around them changed forever. He sat back and so did she and then they began talking again, shyly, about something that didn't matter the same way anymore.


Brando said...

And then Steve Carrell showed up and ruined the moment.

Nice post, Snag. It's nice to know the Heartland of America hasn't completely ripped out your heart.

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice, Snag. I'm! And then I click to comment and LOL @ Brando, as usual.

The Skimmer and I are going out for drinks in.......49 minutes. Let the countdown begin!

I will watch -- not stare -- just watch all those around me and see if anything interesting happens. Probably be surrounded by a bunch of old coots bitching at each other, but we'll see.

Thanks for the link, too.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

naw, I don't think Jennifer's painting class goes out for drinks

Jennifer said...

naw, I don't think Jennifer's painting class goes out for drinks

Oh! Some of them do! One woman in particular tells of how much she enjoys her Jack! I'll also have to write a post about the 72 yr-old who got a tattoo for her b-day... probably after a night of drinking. :)

Have fun BG!!

As for the softer side of Snag... I think he's being held hostage by a Harlequin Romance Book Club.

fish said...

Yep, spring has sprung.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I miss the Snag stuck in the rotting hell hole towns of middle America...