Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Slouching Towards Opening Day

Tonight Coach P. and I met with the other minor league coaches in our role as league representatives. This is what we told them.

"We don't keep standings, we don't track statistics, there's no trophy at the end of the season. The only prize you'll win is knowing the kids had fun and learned something."

I hope they believed it.


Jennifer said...

You lie, Snag! You LIE!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Um, it says "statistics" is one of your interests on your "About Me" page.

I'm with Jennifer.

You LIE!!

Kathleen said...

good luck!!

Anonymous said...

At some age the team statistician becomes an important position. Before then it's just for the parents. Right on ya! Have a good season!

Anonymous said...

nothing like lowered expectations to keep people happy