Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Said I'm Hunting and Gathering, Damnit!

Tomorrow I leave again for a long weekend, out of communication with family and blog. God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll haul a behemoth from the deep. Otherwise, well, I'll still have a good time.

I'm driving up with my best friend, whose musical tastes run toward classic rock. Out of spite, I've chosen these to begin our journey.

1. The Killers - Robert Pollard

2. Cold Hands - The Black Lips

3. How it Ends - Devotchka

4. Do the Whirlwind - Architecture in Helsinki

5. The Past is a Grotesque Animal - Of Montreal (as surreal as anything 3Bulls! has to offer)

6. Light up Your Lighter - Michael Franti and Spearhead

7. Dickie Chalkie and Nobby - The Mekons (I'm not completely square, BP)

8. Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground

9. California Stars - Billy Bragg and Wilco

10. Curly Locks - Junior Byles (Kathleen, it'll cure what ails you)

Back in a few.


Anonymous said...

I hope you catch some fish or your buddies might be cannibal on you. They'll be eating Snaghetti and your Meatballs for dinner... and perhaps Snagables for lunch. Maybe they'll start with Green Snag and Ham.

I'm running this contest by myself if need be...

Adorable Girlfriend said...

How is that that bride of you permits this time off?

Now get back in the kitchen and make AG a sandwich.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Snag Rocks.

Jen-jen: Snaggle Dogs.

Chuckles said...

That music list is cooler than I am.

Anonymous said...

Snag Suey
Snag Rolls

It just dawned on me... Snag is gone! I can say whatever I want for as long as I want and he can't stop me! HA!

Corned Snag Hash
Snagaroni and Cheese

I have an idea... but it's going to need some work. I'll be back.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...


We already broke the Romantics CD.

Anonymous said...

BP- I don't care! :-p

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

We could shave Katie.

Anonymous said...

And then tattoo her!

Anonymous said...


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Shave Katie. NO, NO, No.

The man needs more kids. MORE KIDS.

And less beer.

And Chuckles, that doesn't take much. In fact, it takes almost nothing.

Anonymous said...

snag pot pie maybe?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

OK, no beer.

We'll make Bathtub Punch. We'll start with 12 bottles of vodka and a gallon or three of moonshine....

Does Snag even have a bathtub?

....hey! What's this? Uh-oh. Looks like I found his moose-porn collection..... ewww.

Anonymous said...

Moose on Moose ake-shun!!! Woo-hoo!

Kathleen said...

has anyone made a Moose Drool joke here before?

if yes, move along nothing to see.

if no, Moose Drool beer, people! Bet Snag loves it! HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

You know, if memory serves, I believe Snag has spoken of Moose Drool! Surprise! He probably doesn't even wait for it to be bottled. Mmmmmm.

Snag said...

AG, my Lovely Bride gives me the time off because of the enormous quantity of Best Husband points I have amassed over the years. All hail me.

Now somebody help me get this moose out of the bathtub.