Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Can You Feel The Love?

I survived a blessedly calm plane ride to the seat of our nation's government, enjoyed a nice meal at Central Michel Richard, and drank too much bourbon at a place called, coincidentally, Bourbon. Halfway through dinner, I sent a text message to my oldest son, asking after his first day of high school. Transcript follows.

Me: How was your day?

Him: Good.

Me: What r u doing?

Him: Mom and I r at grocery. Youngest son's at friend's. Middle son's still in room being punished. Mom says she's exhausted.

Me: Bummer.

Him: What r u doing?

Me: I'm eating caramel crème brulée prepared by guy who was named James Beard chef for 2007.

Him: Mom says F U.

Me: Give mom big hug for me.

Him: Bye.

Me: Bye.

Tomorrow: Adventures with Chuckles and Clif.


Anonymous said...

Creme Brulee! YUM!!!

Enjoy meeting Chuckles and Clif! Cant wait to hear about it.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

One big happy family!

I certainly hope that dinner wasn't on my tax dollars. When AG's world goes out, it only results in more expensive drugs. Never misuse of tax dollars!

fish said...

$9 Kit Kat bars. Sounds great.

Chuckles said...

Maybe we will get to hit M'Dawg or however it is spelled in Adams Morgan but I doubt it.

Kobe Beef Hotdog.

Snag said...

I can assure you no tax dollars were harmed in the consumption of that meal.

Elmo said...

Crème Brulée and bourbon? Sounds like you spent time hugging the toilet. I'll stick with smoked brisket and Busch light...

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Who is paying the bill?

-A concerned tax AG.

Snag said...

A drug company.

Brando said...

I am fine with my tax dollars being used to purchase bourbon for Snag.

Kathleen said...

bourbon for Snag would be the best use of my tax dollars in 6 years.

have fun iwth chuckles - don't forget the Jager!!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

You wish, buttercup. You wish! We only spend money on:

A. AGs
B. Key Opinion Leader M.D.s
C. Crack Whores
D. All of the above

Where's the drunk blogging? Where is the love? Or at least the drink and dial where Chuckles can apologize for being a little snatch today?

Anonymous said...

We've felt the love, Snag... we'd now like a new post. Enough of your DC work and fun. Tend to your readers!!!