Monday, December 21, 2009

This Isn't Likely To Turn Out Well

1. I am bothered by people outside, on streetcars, in stores, etc., watching me.

Isn't everyone?

2. There's no point in doing things for people; you only find you get it in the neck in the long run.

Fucking A.

3. Maybe some minority groups do get rough treatment, but it's no business of mine.

Get away from me.

4. Sometimes I think of things too bad to talk about.


5. I would have been more successful if people had given me a fair chance.



M. Bouffant said...

I'm only bothered if they aren't watching me.

Taking silly tests bothers me too.

Jennifer said...

A+++, Ralphie!

almostinamentalasylum said...

Dear Mr. Snag

From your test results it appears that you have been taking lifestyle lessons from Jack Torrance. Please return to taking lifestyle lessons from Ned Flanders.

- The Testing Team

almostinamentalasylum said...

PS: Happy Holidays!

PPS: By that We Mean Merry Christmas!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Zombie Holiday Happy wishes to the Snag and Family, by which I mean eat and drink.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Haz a Zombie Christmas, by witch I mean watch out for teh zombies.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I mean watch out for teh zombies.

...and give them drinks when they show up. It's really all we want. In the absence of drink, we are forced to resort to eating alcohol-saturated brains and other organs.

How can we tell if you are alcohol saturated? we Can't. So we have to taste everyone.

It's really better for everyone if you just give us a drink.

Kathleen said...

I've had a drink every day for six days straight and it's not been enough.

happy holidays!!

Smut Clyde said...

Under what circumstances did you encounter this questionnaire? Were you applying for the position of chairman of the Republican Party?

fish said...

I've had a drink every day for six days straight and it's not been enough.

I think the key problem lies in the letter "a". Try replacing it with something more useful, like a 6.

Jennifer said...

6 hasn't been enough either...

fish said...

Two 6's?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

BIGGER drinks, Jennifer.

"I only had one, Ossifer!"

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Hey, Snag, Hipy Papy Thappy Yew Near, ya big cranky Forest Dweller!! Don't shoot!!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

My head hurts.