Saturday, March 10, 2007

Do Unto Moose As You Would Have Moose Do Unto You

Moose do not receive enough attention from bloggers. Noble and intelligent, they have long been passed over in favor of weasels, yaks, and other members of the glitterati. Fortunately, our good friends at Three Bulls! are attempting to rectify this serious problem.

This anti-moose prejudice can't be overcome by just one blog, however. If we as a society ever want to move beyond the tired old stereotypes handed down by our Canadadian neighbors, we need to examine moose in ways that shatter those stereotypes. That can't happen unless we get to know moose as individuals.

Let's meet a few.


George is a quiet, scholarly fellow, a headmaster at a well-known private school. He enjoys experimental theater and moss. Having been teased as a calf because of his nearsightedness ("Girls won't make passes at moose who wear glasses"), as a bull he is extraordinarily loyal to his friends.


Carlos is a gregarious storyteller who loves cooking, fine wines, and international travel. Now retired, he accumulated his wealth during the peat market boom of the early 1990s. He is also quietly philanthropic, having established a private foundation that sponsors outreach and mentoring programs for adolescent mammals throughout his province.


An attractive, leggy ex-model, Susan hopes to parlay her experience into a full-time career as a designer and manufacturer of stylish accessories. Thrice married, and having successfully completed rehab in 2005, she is hoping to make her breakthrough at next year's Paris fashion show.


Karen is a recent graduate of Yale Law School and is currently weighing her career options. Although tempted by the six-figure salaries and Manhattan lifestyle offered by a white-shoe firm, she inherited a strong social conscience from her artist parents and is considering a stint in the Peace Corps. In her spare time, she plays viola with an amateur chamber music quartet.

I encourage readers to make a moose friend. Have a beer together. Invite a moose to dinner. As we have seen, moose have a wide range of interests, skills, and personalities. In short, they are just like us.

UPDATE: More proof that Three Bulls! is the one-stop shop for all your moose-related needs.


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